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Transparency & Flexibility for a Growing Brand

Upfront Cosmetics prides itself on knowing where every ingredient comes from, so why wouldn’t that extend to their packaging? When Founder, Alicia Sharp started questioning where exactly her packaging was coming from – and just how sustainable it was – Knockout stepped in to help! 

As one of North America’s best sustainable packaging companies, Knockout is happy to assess your current packaging before making any changes. Whether it’s skincare packaging, cosmetic packaging or haircare packaging, we’ll assess your current packaging and make a recommendation on how it can be more eco-friendly.

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About Upfront Cosmetics

Upfront Cosmetics is a growing B Corp specializing in nutrient rich shampoo and conditioner bars. Each bar typically saves three plastic bottles from entering our recycling streams. All their products are vegan, leaping bunny certified and made in-house. Upfront takes pride in knowing where every ingredient comes from, and prides themselves on sourcing the best possible ingredients.



Upfront had previously engaged other packaging companies to create their eco-friendly packaging but were disappointed in the results. There were variations in color and print consistency from batch to batch as well a lack of transparency about where the packaging was really being sourced from (overseas). With long lead times and rigid ordering restrictions, Upfront was looking to make a change. However, as Alicia spoke to other packaging companies, she grew concerned over the high switching costs she was being presented with. The team at Upfront knew they needed to act fast to find a new packaging partner as they had deals with national retailers on the line.

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Alicia knew she needed a cosmetic packaging partner to provide consistent, quality packaging with flexible order quantities and short lead times. Following an in depth consultative process, Knockout was able to develop a solution that solved Upfront’s packaging woes. 

  • Transparency & Lead Times: Knockout’s 100% North American sourcing and manufacturing allows for full transparency and quick lead times. The use FSC Certified paper ensures that raw materials are sustainably harvested and managed for future generations.
  • Consistency & Quality: Using digital print allows us to avoid high switching costs and allows for a great deal of flexibility around order quantities. Knockout’s process involves hard copy print proofing, allowing Upfront to physically check for print quality and ensure colors are correct.


Step 1: Packaging analysis – We started with an analysis of Upfront’s current packaging to assess its sustainability level and determine what elements would need to be changed. Through this analysis, we determined that there was a matte lamination on their boxes. Essentially, a layer of plastic – needless to say, the team at Upfront did not know about this and wanted to get rid of it right away!

Step 2: Paper selection – To give Upfront and alternative to the matte lamination, we presented a few options and they chose an uncoated, natural textured stock. Like all our paper stocks, this stock is 100% recyclable and FSC Certified.

Step 3: Graphic design – The team at Upfront had been working on new graphics across their 14 SKUs. Once those graphics went through our prepress check, we sent hard copy proofs to Alicia to check over all the details like color trueness, print quality and paper feel.

Step 4 : Production – Our local manufacturing means production is a breeze. By using paper stocks that are readily available and domestic manufacturing, supply chain issues are largely mitigated. With our preferred shipping partners, we ship throughout North America and had these on Alicia’s doorstep within 3 weeks of artwork approval.

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As a result of Knockout’s packaging process, a 20% reduction in lead time and shipping costs was achieved. Reorders are now on average a 2 week production lead time and Upfront is easily able to add or remove SKUs from each order, as well as order varying quantities per SKU. With their recent B Corp achievement, the graphics for all their packaging was updated with ease. Overall, Upfront’s packaging quality and color consistency is higher and their boxes are now recyclable due to no more lamination! Let Knockout help your brand with skincare packaging, cosmetic packaging or haircare packaging by contacting us.