Knockout Resources for Sustainable Packaging

The organizations listed below are great resources to learn more about sustainable packaging and industry initiatives.

North America

CPNA serves as the premier launching pad for new beauty brands by introducing revolutionary technologies, product innovations, and new channels of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Pact Collective

Pact was created to unite the industry to take responsibility for the impacts of our packaging. Circularity requires us to work together, share knowledge, and push each other toward a brighter future.

Forest Stewardship Council

Just as we depend on forests, forests depend on Knockout. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) unites citizens, businesses, governments, and NGOs under a common goal: protecting healthy, resilient forests for all, forever.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

As an independent, non-profit organization, SFI collaborates with a diverse network to help address local and global sustainability challenges.

Bluebird Climate

Own your sustainability narrative and packaging costs. Your customers & retailers care about sustainability, but it's more complex and expensive than ever.

Independent Beauty Association

Fosters the success of entrepreneurial companies in the independent cosmetic and personal care industries.


A gathering of packaging innovations. The “go to” events where creative packaging companies showcase luxury products for the international brand community.

Neenah Paper

Neenah® Folding Board is the sustainable choice in packaging materials, offering a range of colors and textures in popular weights.
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