Oneka Elements

Knockout Oneka Elements Packaging Project
knockout oneka elements packaging project

A packaging upgrade

As the team at Oneka was launching new products, they knew they needed to add secondary packaging to their repertoire. After all, there’s only so much information you can fit on a label! With their shampoo and conditioner bars, the carton is the primary packaging and allows Oneka to avoid wrapping their bars in plastic. Consistency in color matching was important to them, to represent their brand as they envisioned it through the Knockout Oneka Elements packaging project.

Oneka face 1 1024x683 1 - Oneka
oneka 1 1024x683 1 - Oneka

About Oneka

Oneka’s line of natural personal care products was created out of a deep love and respect for our natural habitat and fellow living beings. This posture is infused in everything they do: from growing the plants used in their products on their organic farm, to partnering with experts and businesses to implement their vision of change and taking care of their community. Specifically, in the process of creating and selling high quality personal care products, Oneka seeks to act as guardians of our water sources and the many organisms that help clean and purify water along its way; and contribute to the preservation of natural ecosystems.

consistency is key


Through the strategic use of structural and graphic design, a final product was achieved that carried through Oneka’s unique aesthetic while accommodating both the shampoo and conditioner bar shapes. Pantone matching on their Face Oil cartons ensured that the colors accurate reflect their brand theme and a successful Knockout Oneka Elements packaging project was completed.

beauty packaging - Knockout Oneka Elements Packaging Project