About Knockout

We specialize in folding carton packaging, specifically unit/retail cartons and paperboard kits for multi-packs and seasonal promotions. We also offer frustration free packaging and specialized paperboard options.

We typically work with clean beauty, health & wellness and housewares companies to create cosmetic boxes, beauty packaging, etc. This includes brands that must be FDA and/or Health Canada compliant. However, we are well versed to provide paperboard cartons to any company that values sustainable packaging in the CPG space. We will create the best packaging to represent your brand.

Our raw materials are sourced locally, within North America. Our manufacturing is done at various facilities across the USA and Canada. We manufacture as close as possible to the delivery location to keep our carbon footprint low. As one of North America’s boutique sustainable packaging companies, we create sustainable packaging that is made close to home.

Getting Started with Frustration Free Packaging, Unit Cartons & Kits

We can produce as low as 1000 units, but recommend 2500 units as a minimum to make things cost effective.

We provide structural and graphic design services to create the best packaging that fits your brand’s aesthetic.

Absolutely, we just ask that you use someone who has experience in folding carton design.

We average 3-4 weeks production time, once you’ve signed off on artwork. This can vary due to materials availability.


We have a variety of paperboard options, ranging from 100% Post Consumer Waste uncoated stock, to coated 100% virgin fiber stock. All of our paperboard is FSC and/or SFI certified. These certification bodies ensure that this paperboard is sourced from sustainably managed forest resources.

We use vegetable oil based inks, we absolutely avoid any petroleum based inks.

We used Aqueous (water-based) coatings to ensure that your packaging is still fully recyclable. You can choose from matte, glossy, satin or soft touch.

Yes, it can be! Your paper choice and any finishing (like foil) will determine the biodegradability of your packaging. However, we ensure that 100% of our packaging is recyclable. We can design cosmetic boxes, beauty packaging, etc. that are biodegradable and are the best packaging to represent your brand.

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