Brush on Block

Knockout Brush on Block project
knockout brush on block project

Branding is key

The team at Brush on Block were getting frustrated with lack of consistency on their packaging runs. Color matching issues meant their signature colors were not shining in the way they should. Brush on Block was seeking a partner that could deliver guaranteed consistency with short lead times and manufacturing close to where their products are produced.

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About Brush on Block

Brush on Block has thoughtfully-developed a line of reef-friendly mineral formulas that are free of chemical sunscreens and are PETA-certified cruelty free and vegan – making protection and prevention safe for humans, animals, oceans and the environment. As a women led business, they develop innovative products and focus on continuous improvement of ingredients and packaging, operating in the intersection of safety for humans, eco-responsibility and functionality. Brush On Block targets customers who are conscious about what they put in and on their bodies, while making strides towards doing what is right for our environment.

consistency is key


Knockout assisted Brush on Block in identifying key areas of improvement that would lead to consistent runs, as well as incorporating more sustainable elements into their design. Through the use of Pantone Solid Coated colors, a consistent result was achieved. Brush on Block can be assured that their brand is now being represented exactly the way they envision it! Are you ready to take the next step? Contact us today to talk about cosmetic packaging, recycled paper packaging or chat about small business packaging goals!

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