Omy Laboratoires

knockout omy laboratoires pacakging

A rebrand for a rapidly growing company

Omy Laboratoires is a rapidly growing brand, regularly launching new products and constantly tweaking designs. They were looking for a packaging services partner that was both flexible and knowledgeable with quick lead times and who could adapt to their dynamic, fluid pace. As a luxury brand, they were seeking packaging that would reflect the brand’s high end aesthetic while incorporating sustainable packaging design. We were there to help with the Knockout Omy Laboratoires packaging project.

Knockout OMY Laboratoires Packaging
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About Omy Laboratoires

Omy is a vegan, cruelty-free brand specializing in customized skincare. They are proud to build their success through investing in science resources internally, specifically through their team of female scientists. Through a detailed skin analysis, Omy is able to deliver formulas that are customized for each individual’s skincare needs, and are committed to using ingredients that preserve human and environmental health.



Omy’s facial oil cartons stand out with a pop of color on the outer carton and a bold statement on the inside. These cartons feel like a ray of sunshine! The addition of embossing on the logo and product name give a luxury feel. 

The refill kits have a unique clamshell opening style with a custom insert to hold  Omy’s bottles and tubes. The simplistic black and white design really allows the product itself to shine.

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