Knockout Impact

We're here to make a knockout impact with sustainable packaging

At Knockout, we exist to reduce landfill waste. 

Reducing landfill waste comes in two forms – redirecting more packaging to recycling streams, and ensuring that the packaging that does end up in landfills will decompose quickly. 

We understand that MRF’s (material recovery facilities) vary across different jurisdictions, so we focus on using materials that are the most widely accepted through curbside recycling programs. After all, the easier we make recycling, the more likely it is to happen.

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It's time to [re]think recycling

Did you know that only 35% of the US population actively recycles? So, with the chances of your sustainable packaging actually making it into a recycling stream at the end of it’s life being essentially 1 in 3, we take preventative measures. Our packaging services ensure that even if your packaging does end up in a landfill, it biodegrades within a few months and isn’t lingering for hundreds of years and leaching toxic chemicals into the soil – like those cartons covered in plastic.

In Canada it varies by province, with contamination being the biggest threat to the recycling stream. This comes in the form of products leaking on the carton or things that are adhered to the carton such as spot UV and lamination

At Knockout, our packaging services ensure that your frustration free packaging is made with all recyclable components which eliminates any of that fear around recycling contamination, and ensures that even if your consumers do not recycle your carton it will still break down over time.

In areas where recycling is prevalent, adding some additional elements to your packaging like foil and using digital print are acceptable, as they will be removed during the deinking process. However, if you sell into an area with very low recycling rates, a more practical approach would be to look at biodegradable packaging (minimal glue, no foil) to ensure that even if your packaging does get sent to a landfill, nothing is left behind within a few months.

Knockout Impact