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Through our Knockout Sustainability Initiatives, we provide full transparency and confidence that all components of your packaging are truly sustainable.

Many times, packaging is made with FSC Certified paper but then is covered in Soft Touch Lamination (plastic) which cannot be recycled. Other times, soy inks are used but then a UV coating, containing BPAs, is added on top which could contaminate soil and groundwater.

At Knockout, we use paper from sustainably managed North American forests, vegetable oil based inks, and water-based finishes. Our cartons are widely accepted through curbside recycling programs, and many are biodegradable as well.

Learn more about Knockout’s Sustainability Initiatives below.

[Re]think Paper

Is the paper used in your packaging really ‘sustainable’? How do you know? 

At Knockout we ensure this by only using paper that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and/or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified.

FSC Certification ensures that stakeholders at all levels of the production process are complying with a certain set of standards and keep the chain of custody on pulp/paper material intact throughout the manufacturing process. This applies to various types of paper, with options ranging from virgin fiber to 100% PCW.Read More

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[Re]think Print

In addition to paper choice, the type of ink used is also important. Even if paper originates from sustainably managed resources, not using an environmentally friendly ink could affect your packaging’s recyclability.

Petroleum based inks can emit 25-40% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) when they dry. VOCs negatively affect the health of production workers and the planet, and these inks do not easily break down, resulting in them leaching into soil or waterways once removed from the packaging during the deinking (recycling) process. These inks contain compounds like toluene, xylene and benzene, a known carcinogen, putting plants and animals at risk.

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[Re]think Adhesives

Adhesives also affect recyclability.

During the recycling process, all adhesives must be removed from packaging to allow it to be properly processed and repulped. But this is often a tough task, depending on how much glue is used, the type of glue and how easily it can be separated from the pulp material. 

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[Re]think Finishes

Finishing touches, such as laminated soft touch, spot UV for a shiny effect, or metallic foil, are not all eco-friendly, especially when used in excess.

While lamination offers some protection in a retail setting, it covers the entire carton in a layer of plastic, rendering it non-recyclable.

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[Re]think Recycling

Knockout helps brands ensure their cartons are made with all recyclable components, helping to eliminate fears around recycling contamination, and ultimately, polluting the planet with unsafe chemicals and toxins.

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