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The Yukon Soaps Company was facing a critical challenge – how to achieve sustainable and high-quality packaging while maintaining a budget that was friendly to their small business scale. They needed a partner who could offer eco-conscious solutions without compromising the quality or aesthetic appeal of their packaging.

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The Yukon Soaps Company, a small, female founded indigenous soap manufacturer located in the pristine wilderness of the Yukon Territory, is dedicated to creating natural and eco-friendly soaps. Their commitment to sustainability is at the core of their business, and they sought packaging solutions that aligned with their values without breaking the bank.

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The Yukon Soap Company turned to Knockout Sustainable Packaging, known for its expertise in eco-friendly packaging solutions. Together, they embarked on a journey to create packaging that met the company’s unique requirements. Through the selection of sustainable materials like FSC Certified paperbaord, custom packaging design and cost effective production, The Yukon Soaps Company has high quality, sustainable packaging that maintains the premium and artisanal look of their products.

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