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Crafting Sustainable, High-End Packaging

As an emerging brand, Plantas Medicinas wanted their packaging to stand out. They were creating a product that was unique in the haircare space and needed packaging that would convey the quality of the product while reflecting the brand’s earth conscious approach.

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About Plantas Medicinas

Plantas Medicinas, founded by Irene Legaspi, stands as a unique blend of Ayurvedic wisdom, organic cosmetics expertise, and two decades in hairstyling. Irene’s holistic approach, crafting the entire collection, reflects her deep understanding of the mind-body connection and the healing powers of nature. A Latinx/Filipino woman-owned company, Plantas Medicinas champions diversity and seeks to inspire meaningful change in the beauty industry.



In collaborating with Plantas Medicinas, Knockout Sustainable Packaging faced the challenge of sourcing a distinctive paper stock, adding a unique textural dimension. Balancing color and texture to authentically represent the brand’s ethos while maintaining a high product value within the constraints of an emerging brand’s budget.

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The packaging solution that was created showcases the seamless fusion of sustainability, aesthetics, and affordability. By employing embossing on cost-effective paper, we achieved a textured look without the expense. Curating colors strategically, we maximized impact with minimal Pantone shades. Innovative structural design heightened visibility, emphasizing the uniqueness of the enclosed product.



Knockout Sustainable Packaging’s collaboration with Plantas Medicinas resulted in distinctive, high-end packaging that authentically reflected the brand’s environmental commitment. With a tactile appeal and creative design, we delivered a unique solution while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Elevate your brand sustainably with Knockout.

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