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Harmonizing High-End Style with Earth-Friendly Solutions

As Merge sought to expand into self-care and home goods, they knew they needed packaging that would represent their high end products which have a distinct style being from the beach town of Tofino. Showing their connection to nature through sustainable solutions, they wanted packaging that would shine on the shelf while still being friendly to the earth.

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About Merge

Named for its ethos of uniting creative goods, Merge is a brand that champions uniqueness, design, sustainability, and mindfulness. The brand encompasses a shop featuring quality, locally-made products and timeless collections of apparel, self-care, and home goods. Merge encourages a lifestyle of celebrating simple moments with intentional, purpose-driven products.



The challenge lay in crafting designs that not only reflected the high quality of the products within but also echoed Merge’s commitment to sustainability, resulting in visually appealing, eco-conscious packaging. Knockout worked closely with Merge’s graphic designer to ensure that the designs being created would translate well onto the cartons.

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To achieve a luxe feel, a more rigid paperboard was used. Using the uncoated side of the stock as the outer carton provided additional texture and achieved the super matte look that Merge wanted to create. The colors and graphics used on the cartons were very well suited to the beachy vibe of the brand, with muted sea tones and ocean imagery.



Knockout Sustainable Packaging excelled in meeting Merge’s goals by crafting environmentally friendly, visually appealing packaging that resonated with the brand’s sustainability ethos. The designs seamlessly harmonized with Merge’s high-end self-care and home goods, ensuring a cohesive and premium look. The collaboration achieved outstanding results, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and sustainability.

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