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Delivering Sustainable Secondary Packaging

Knockout Sustainable Packaging worked with ‘b, halfmoon’ to create secondary packaging for their new aromatherapy line. They had dropper bottles and roller bottles that needed secondary packaging. With a rebrand on the horizon, they needed new cartons quickly and wanted to ensure they would be in line with the new brand look.

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About b, halfmoon

‘b, halfmoon’ is the merger of Halfmoon and B Yoga, forging a powerful synergy in British Columbia and Ontario since 2018. Born in 1989 and 2014, these sister brands, now one, envision elevating lifelong yoga practices. Pursuing B Corp certification, they champion values of wellbeing, impact, connection, and truth, inspiring a collective movement toward harmony with the planet and a constant evolution in living. 



In collaborating with ‘b, halfmoon,’ Knockout Sustainable Packaging navigated challenges posed by a tight timeline, ensuring timely delivery without compromising sustainable practices. Balancing speed with environmental responsibility demanded strategic planning. Additionally, aligning the packaging design with ‘b, halfmoon’s’ refreshed brand look posed a creative challenge, requiring meticulous attention to detail to seamlessly integrate the new aesthetic while staying true to sustainability values.

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To address time constraints and align with ‘b, halfmoon’s’ sustainability ethos, Knockout Sustainable Packaging adeptly employed 100% Post Consumer Waste paper, ensuring eco-friendly solutions. Leveraging efficient production, they expedited shipping, meeting the tight deadline. The brand’s color palette was achieved through precise Pantone matching, seamlessly integrating the refreshed aesthetic with their commitment to nature conservation.



Knockout Sustainable Packaging revolutionized ‘b, halfmoon’s’ brand identity by crafting eco-friendly packaging for their aromatherapy rollers. Using 100% post-consumer waste paper, they aligned with the brand’s sustainability goals. The incorporation of a Pantone color palette seamlessly conveyed the company’s fresh image, while custom-fitted designs enhanced product presentation.

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